MCS-150 Biennial Update

I already have a DOT number.
What do I need to do to keep my DOT number in compliance with FMCSA regulations?

The MCS-150 form is also known as the Biennial Update and DOT Update. Depending on your DOT Number, you are required to submit the MCS-150 form every two years, determined by the last two digits of your DOT number. If any changes occur to your address, name, number of vehicles, drivers, phone number, email, or any other pertinent information before the two-year period elapses, you must promptly file the MCS-150 Biennial Update form to reflect those changes. Subsequently, you will need to file the MCS-150 Biennial Update form AGAIN when it’s due, following the guidelines provided below.

How to file MCS-150 form?

Click here or contact us. See filing due dates formula below.

FMCSA requires all drivers operating under DOT# to update their information every two years based on the last two digits of their DOT#. The last digit determines a month it has to be filed on and the next-to-last digit determines if the year is odd or even. Exemple: for DOT 123456 the update has to be filed in June (6) on all odd numbered years (5).


Getting a new DOT number and keeping it updated with the MCS-150 form is just the beginning. To stay compliant, you need to know what rules apply to your business.

Are you operating across state lines? What kind of cargo are you moving, and how heavy are your vehicles? Your answers to these questions will determine any extra compliance requirements you might have. Don’t worry; we’re here to make things easy and clear.

What happens if I don't update the DOT number?

Failing to update your MCS-150 form can lead to deactivation of your USDOT number, potentially resulting in daily fines of up to $1,000, with a maximum penalty of $10,000. It’s important to note that these fines may apply even if none of your business information has changed in the past two years. The FMCSA occasionally deactivates USDOT numbers at random if the MCS-150 Biennial Update is not submitted on schedule.